Company Profile
Become a trustworthy and respectful global company in trust and respect
Establish the high -quality image of Chinese scientific instrument products in the world

Novel Optics is a Chinese optical precision instrument and core component manufacturer, a national high -tech enterprise, the vice chairman of the China Instrument and Instrument Industry Association, the chairman of the Optical Instrument Branch, and the national standard formulation unit of optical microscope. , With independent brands such as "NOVEL", "Jiangnan" and "NEXCOPE".


Nanjiang jiangnan Novel Optics Co., Ltd was established in 2005 and is located in the National Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone. The main products include optical microscope and various optical component components. The Jiangnan brand, physical vision, gold phase, polarization, multimedia teaching system and other types of microscope are widely used in various fields such as education, health, industry and scientific research.


Over the years, the company has conducted long -term effective cooperation with the world's famous optical companies Nikon, Leica, LOMO, etc., and maintains the quality of the product with world -class cooperation. The comprehensive strength ranks at the forefront of the domestic microscope industry. innovation.

Corporate Philosophy


Provide effective optical solutions for the human cognitive world to achieve the continuous improvement of customers, employees, shareholders, and society.

Core Value

Sincere and good, seek for innovation.


Become a trusted and respectful global company, and establish a high -quality image of Chinese scientific instrument products in the world.

Development Path

Jiangnan was founded in Shapingba, Chongqing


After the victory of the Anti -Japanese War, I moved back to Nanjing


Socate "Huangjiayu 8", and after the founding of the People's Republic of China, it is renamed "Jiangnan Optical Instrument Factory"


Reconstruction to "Nanjing Jiangnan Novel Optics Co., Ltd."


Formally become a wholly -owned subsidiary of Ningbo Novel Optics Co., Ltd.


Make four camera lenses for "Chang'e 2"


Establish a postdoctoral scientific research station


Establish a micro -science instrument research institute


Leading ISO microscope international standard writing


National major science and technology special "high -resolution fluorescent microscopic imaginger"


Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Manufacturing Industry Single Champions Cultivation Enterprise


Novel Optics was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange


Make a landing camera lens for "Chang'e 4"


Won the second prize of national technology invention


National manufacturing "Single Champions Demonstration Enterprise"


The "space station medical sample micro -observation record device"
With the "Tianhe" core compartment of China Space Station, lift off together

Social Responsibility



Novel Optics "Micro World Exploration Center" was selected into the Ningbo Popular Science Education Base.



Donated a scholarship of the "Circuit Program" graduate scholarships at Ningbo Institute of Technology in Zhejiang University.



Chairman Cao Qidong personally donated 2 million US dollars to the School of Optoelectronics of Zhejiang University to set up the "Zhejiang University Education Foundation Yongxin Ji Ke Xiu Xingjin Development Fund".



Fighting the new crown virus, batch fixed -point donation to the experimental equipment of Nine key hospitals in Hubei.



Donate students with biological microscopes to many domestic primary and secondary schools.



Hundreds of thousands of dollars donated Bao Yugang Middle School Digital Micro Wireless Interactive Classroom, Nanyon University Education Fund.



Since 2013, the "micro -world" popular opening day event will be held every year.



Since 2011, he has contributed many times to donate to Zhejiang University, Fudan Education Fund and poor student aid funds.



Building a microscope science popularization exhibition hall in Nanjing Science and Technology Museum.



Assist the Wenchuan earthquake area.



Millions of dollars to help build Shanghai Shanda College Jiashan Guangbiao College.
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